Artists and Craftsmen – I applaud you!


The holiday season is the  perfect time to get hundreds of artists and craftsmen together to show their wares.  For those of us who want to give a few special gifts that are not cookie cutter items from a some chain commercial establishment, it’s awesome to get so many choices.  But that is also a problem for these events.  I always feel overwhelmed; there are so many things to look at, so many choices to make.

We went to such an event yesterday.  The quality of the goods was amazing.  Every medium was represented, from fiber to steel, from food to soap and candles and musical instruments.  This was truly an incredible display of talent and execution.

Having occasionally dabbled in various art forms over the years, I have some notion of the numbers of hours that each artist spends preparing for such a display. And knowing that, I always am a bit dismayed that I am not able to give each the accolades they deserve.

I try to ooh and aah at appropriate times.  I smile and nod.  I mumble, “nice work, I like that” so the vendor has some feedback that someone likes what they  have done.  And yet, I can’t do what they all want.  I can’t spend enough money to please them all.  And that is truly why they have gathered.  Of course there is satisfaction in hearing that someone likes your work, but the real payback for doing this art show thing is that someone likes it enough to spend some money to own it.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have enough money to even buy the things I truly love.  The capital just isn’t there.  And so I walk by your booths, quickly some times, avoiding eye contact, don’t want to get your hopes up.  Sorry!

Yet I’m glad you’re there!  I love seeing such skill and talent expressed!  And I love the tenacity you display by being there!  Artists and craftsman, I applaud you!  You are the heart of the human spirit!

About davidgrant2016

Retired teacher. 33 1/2 years experience in public schools at middle and high school levels. Trained in English and special education. Taught basic writing skills for 5 years at community college level. Practiced writing all my life in a variety of forms - poetry, short story, essay, novel. Currently living in Florida, absorbing the beauty of this piece of paradise, supporting my wife as she continues her teaching career and making this portion of my life the most awesome it can be.
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