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Retired teacher. 33 1/2 years experience in public schools at middle and high school levels. Trained in English and special education. Taught basic writing skills for 5 years at community college level. Practiced writing all my life in a variety of forms - poetry, short story, essay, novel. Currently living in Florida, absorbing the beauty of this piece of paradise, supporting my wife as she continues her teaching career and making this portion of my life the most awesome it can be.

Atlas Shrugged – Revisited

It was during college in the 60s that I was introduced to Ayn Rand, first through The Fountainhead followed by Atlas Shrugged. She spoke to me then, as she did to many others, with a loud voice promoting individual rights … Continue reading

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By Definition

Back in Alaska for the third time this winter, and coupled with the two years we lived here previously, I’m think I may be starting to understand the attraction of the mountains for me.  Maybe I’m just a slow learner, … Continue reading

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Walk It Off

I didn’t think so at the time, but looking back at my childhood, the world was a pretty tough place. I grew up in a neighborhood of very active kids and very “permissive” parents.  They weren’t permissive in the sense … Continue reading

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Growing Up Tuff

I remember growing up in the 50s with a good deal of fondness. Yet when I think of specifics of those “happy days,” I picture our gang, and I picture the toughness that we seemed to develop in our neighborhood. … Continue reading

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I’m Not Superman

The nubbins of a eureka came to me the other day.  It was a friendly little nubbins – had a nice smile, an inviting smile but was as elusive as nubbins are want to be.  So here’s the gist of … Continue reading

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One Man’s Search for Meaning

Today I write with the official status of 2018 Nanowrimo Dropout. Yes, I know. There are five days left in the month, and I only have about 16,000 words to get to 50,000. I could make it – if I … Continue reading

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Another Transition

I write again. Actually, that is misleading. I’ve been writing. Every day. I write again in this blog is an accurate statement. I found a couple of years ago that writing here helped me through the transition of moving to … Continue reading

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