Life Goes On . . .

November has come and gone and with it, this year’s Nanowrimo.  For the past month it’s been a mindful daily activity to sit down and put words on paper.  For me this year, it was a successful activity in the sense that I met my goal of at least 50,000 words during the month.  Actually made over 55,000 this year.

For this accomplishment, I received a badge and a silly printable paper certificate that declares me to be a WINNER.


I like my little badge and I did in fact print my certificate.  Sounds silly, and maybe it is, but it also means that this year I was able to stick to it.  I was able to develop a story and characters and give them some life.  Daily I entered their lives, or they entered mine, and we communicated and I told their story on paper.

I kind of like the story that came out of that relationship.  In fact, this morning, in the wake of Nano, life goes on, mine and theirs.  I found myself once more at the keyboard waking my characters and peering into their lives to see what they are up to today.  I guess the novel that they are part of isn’t finished.  Funny, reaching 50,000 isn’t really the end of the story.

Life goes on – everyday.  For you, for me and for my life as a writer.  Life goes on.  Thank you Nano for being a part of this life.

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