Nano – Practice in Humility

Participating in Nanowrimo is a month long practice in humility.  In order to write 50,000 words in the month, it is necessary to average 1,667 words per day.  I’ve been doing fairly well, and each night I go to bed knowing I’m right on track.

Then morning comes, and I refresh my Nano dashboard, and the wind is taken out of my sails.  I have written zero words for the day, my average is down, my graph shows me below the line that indicates I’ll finish by the end of the month.  At the present rate, I’ll finish on December 3.  I am humbled.

Obviously that’s not acceptable, so I’ll push ahead once again.  And maybe that is the real function of humility, that one must never rest on one’s laurels, that life moves on, and one must move with it or get left behind.  Thank you, Nano!


About davidgrant2016

Retired teacher. 33 1/2 years experience in public schools at middle and high school levels. Trained in English and special education. Taught basic writing skills for 5 years at community college level. Practiced writing all my life in a variety of forms - poetry, short story, essay, novel. Currently living in Florida, absorbing the beauty of this piece of paradise, supporting my wife as she continues her teaching career and making this portion of my life the most awesome it can be.
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