Change Direction – Stay Fresh – Keep Going

Such Unreserved Joy

Such Unreserved Joy

I’m taking a break from Nano this morning, changing my routine.  I’ve written over 17,000 words during the first ten days of Nano, but my story has reached one of those points where I’m just not happy with the direction or how the characters are interacting.  It’s just not going anywhere that I can see or feel good about.

I was looking through my photo file, just to see if any images would help give me direction and I ran across the picture above of my grandson.  What a joyful expression he bears!

That fresh look, that excitement about just being alive, that’s what it’s all about.  I think maybe my story for Nano suffered this week from the election hype and result, and my substituting at the local high school for two days.  I think maybe we get caught up in the “stuff” of everyday life and forget to enjoy.  We forget that we too, just like Hugh above, once wore a naked joy for being alive.

I think when we find our “stories” stagnating,  when we find we aren’t happy with the direction we are heading, we need to pause and remember a state of unreserved joy.  Then we just have to start again with fresh eyes and a great big smile.  To quote another grandson of mine, “It’s going to be OK, bunny!”

About davidgrant2016

Retired teacher. 33 1/2 years experience in public schools at middle and high school levels. Trained in English and special education. Taught basic writing skills for 5 years at community college level. Practiced writing all my life in a variety of forms - poetry, short story, essay, novel. Currently living in Florida, absorbing the beauty of this piece of paradise, supporting my wife as she continues her teaching career and making this portion of my life the most awesome it can be.
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2 Responses to Change Direction – Stay Fresh – Keep Going

  1. SC says:

    Aww, it’s going to be ok, Bunny! What great kiddos you have in your life!


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