Life begins anew, each day! And so today, I begin this adventure anew. Changing this website a bit. Writing some new stuff. Getting back to a steady expression of myself. For a while it seemed silence was my best defense for all the negativity in the world around me. Grin and bear it, my father used to say. Well, maybe that’s no longer the best approach, for me, anyway. The silence doesn’t relieve the anxiety I feel about life in the world at present. On all fronts, political, social, ecological, spiritual, there are issues that need to be addressed. Being meditative has helped me personally, but it’s hard to see that a better me has helped the Universe very much. So today I’ve decided that I need to project a better version of myself. I need to put myself out there and let the Universe know that this small voice still believes in the possible goodness of humanity.

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  1. Better you definitely impacts the universe! It, in turn, impacts me and everyone I come into socially-distant contact with 😉 You help shape us all and I’m ever so grateful to have your positive example. Go, Humanity! I love you and good luck.


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