Another Transition

I write again. Actually, that is misleading. I’ve been writing. Every day. I write again in this blog is an accurate statement. I found a couple of years ago that writing here helped me through the transition of moving to Alaska. Now I seek the same help as I face the transition of moving away.

My wife has been asked and has accepted the opportunity to make a career change that requires a move to Florida. It is a dream job and when the numbers are all laid on the table, it is a job that would only foolishly be rejected. I know that, and I support that. However, it doesn’t make the move any easier.

I’ve found in Alaska a spirit that speaks directly to me. It speaks from the mountains, from the trees, from the crisp, clean air. As I go on my nearly daily walk, it is not so much that I walk upon the land as it is that the environment draws me into it, beckoning me with a spiritual voice bigger than I’ve ever encountered. In two short years, I have discovered a home here, as much of a home as I ever had in Iowa, even after more than 65 years.

And yet I’m going to leave. I am going to let it go. I’m going to embrace the possibilities that this move has for me. When I consult my Oracle cards, they continually lead me to remember and honor what has led me to this point in my life, but to let it go, and let the spirit guide me forward into a new manifestation, an exciting, ever expanding universe where I may one day reach my full potential.

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