I’ve crossed many bridges in my life, burned a few and look forward to the appearance of many more. A bridge, literally or figuratively is a connector, a span across a gap. It never eliminates the gap; the bridge just makes it possible to more easily go from point A to point B.

Bridges make travel possible, and whether it crosses a deep mountain gorge, a wide expanse of water, or many lanes of a highway interchange, I always marvel at the engineering required in planning and executing the span to make the passage possible.

Perhaps the same appreciation can be applied to bridges that cross gaps between individuals. I think those bridges are no less marvelous and need to be appreciated and honored. We all come with a great deal of baggage that prevents passage across the narrows, and for each of us to set it aside and make the trip to greet each other as friends is a worthy act.

And so. . . Bridge, no matter where you are, no matter the points you connect, let me approach you humbly, honestly, and thankfully that I may have safe passage and experience joy in the journey. Or if I choose not to cross you, don’t feel purposeless, for you have fulfilled your destiny by offering the connection. It’s up to me to take advantage of your presence or not.

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