Permanent Impermanence

As we prepare to move and I walk or drive around, recognizing points of interest, I think of this place or that and realize I may never see it again, and I’ll miss it. “So why move?” you may ask. Because I realize the familiarity I have gained of this place in the last three years was completely unknown before then, just as the treasured sights of Alaska were unknown five years ago. And the place before that was harboring treasures unknown previously. And on and on … As a five-year old, I had no idea of any of this. But because I have experienced these changes, my life has been enriched beyond measure. I have become a fuller more complete person. And so I move on once more to new adventures and new opportunities to become a better me.

Yesterday while moving stuff around, I was thinking of an onion, a humble thing with layer upon layer of yummy goodness capable of enriching many dishes. You can peel off layers, chop it up, adding to the goodness of the meal you are preparing. And you repeat the peeling over and over until it is all used up, and many meals have been enhanced in the process. But if you like the onion just as it is, sitting on the counter, a yellowish ball with flaky skin, and you preserve it to admire, in time it will become soft and slowly rot, becoming something that can enrich nothing except the soil for earthworms.

It is my intention to emulate the onion, enriching as I get all used up!

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