2nd Time Around and All is Well

I received my second vaccination yesterday, and I have to say once again how impressed I am with the way Orange County, Florida, is handling the monumental task. It was an even more efficient morning than the first time last month. The volunteers and staff were friendly, professional and completing their tasks with an air of service to those of us receiving the shots.

I know it is a thing for us in this country to belittle the efforts made for us by government agencies at all levels. However it is difficult for me to find anything wrong with what is happening. More vaccines? Sure. More sights for administering the vaccines? Sure. But those desires don’t take away from the progress that is being made.

We can always hope for a more perfect world, but we also need to honor the one we have! Hats off to everyone helping to lead us out of the pandemic. Thumbs down to all who can only criticize and do nothing to make it work better. Perhaps some of our congressmen and senators should put on a reflective vest and wave a flashlight directing traffic for a few days. They might gain a new understanding of what service is all about.

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