More Kudos

I’ve had the pleasure the past two days of house-sitting for my stepson and his family while a new air conditioning system is being installed. It is a difficult job – an older Florida home with little attic space where the air handler is located; it’s mostly just a crawl space, aptly named because there is no way to access the equipment and ductwork except by crawling.

I have enjoyed witnessing the labors of the installers as they approached their task. Every job is unique and bears its own peculiar problems to be solved. And what I’ve been privy to is incredibly creative problem solving. These men obviously know what they are doing. But more than that, they enjoy their work and take pride in producing a quality product.

What I’ve seen is much more akin to artists engaged in their craft than workers employed to do a job. Granted they get paid to install equipment to heat and cool this house, but the grace with which they perform is more than that. It is more than monetary reward for an executed job.

I’m not sure they would admit to deserving such lofty praise, but I’ve watched the care with which they measure, cut, and handle tools and materials. I’ve watched their persistence at identifying solutions, accepting or rejecting them until the ideal is achieved. And I’ve read the pleasure evident on their faces when it all works as it’s supposed to and my stepson’s family can enjoy the fruits of their labors. It makes this a more beautiful world when labors are executed with such finesse.

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