A Future Vision

I was reading Ken Wilber’s Integral Meditation this morning, and a sentence jumped out at me. “To a large degree, we can make the future that is given to us.”

That being the case, I make a future where Trump is a kind and generous man who puts his ego aside and replaces it with a genuine concern for the health and welfare of humanity. Last Friday was kindness day and I actually did a kindness meditation wishing Trump happiness, health, safety and freedom. I haven’t seen evidence that the message got through, but one can always hope.

I also make a future where the health and well-being of all the people on this planet becomes the focus of our scientific and spiritual leaders. Hunger is not an option. Disease is not an option. Mental anguish is not an option.

The future I make also includes a concern and subsequent action for the environmental health of our planet itself.

Education becomes the major focus of all government agencies world-wide, and dollars now spent on military offense and defense is diverted to education so every person of every age in every corner of the world has access to a system that allows them to mature in a meaningful fashion to the highest level of which they are capable. These individuals will then develop systems that allow everyone on this planet to be happy, to be healthy, to be safe, to be free.

Since I am in charge of my future, these things don’t seem like too much to ask. I think this will be a world I will be more than happy to inhabit!

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