Trump – “Worst Criminal?”

Nano has begun and today I will devote my writing energies to my novel. But first I think I must respond to a recent interview in The New Yorker with Noam Chomsky, linguist, activist and political writer. In the article, Chomsky call Trump “the worst criminal in human history.” I give that statement two thumbs up. Chomsky opened in my mind a new way of looking at the policies of our current administration. Until now, I haven’t liked Trump; I’ve thought him an arrogant menace, a blemish, a pimple that with proper cleansing would disappear. He’s mishandled the pandemic which is super unfortunate for more than 230,000 Americans and their families. He’s tried to isolate us from the rest of the world which raises the threat of nuclear incidents in the future. Chomsky’s interview expands his threat to his policies concerning climate change, or actually, his lack of policies. His denial of science and refusal to cut back our dependence on the use of fossil fuels, allowing further destructive exploration, and withdrawal from global conversations for increasing our survival possibilities all paint a picture of a leader willing to sacrifice the existence of human life on this planet for all time. And to Chomsky, this makes Trump a more monstrous criminal than even Stalin or Hitler, or other dictators who have purposely tried to eliminate specific populations. I have to agree that the elimination of all human life is much more heinous than anything we’ve ever seen. Trump and his pack need to go, so the rest of us can have the possibility of a decent life in this country and in harmony with the rest of the world.

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