A Sad, Sad Vision

While meditating this morning, a vision came to me. There was a large field with more than 210,000 graves. An obese man stood in the foreground, dressed in a dark suit, blond hair blowing in the wind, back to the camera. He was directing a yellow stream onto the graves.

For more than a half century of adult years, I have been witness to a vast spectrum of presidential leaders in this country. I can honestly say that during that time I had developed the notion that who the man in office was didn’t really make a difference. Sure, there were some very good things accomplished by some, and others did OK, and some presidents tried to lead during troubling times, and were not very effective, but over all, when the wash was dried, the country remained intact because of the strength of the democratic system of checks and balances.

Now I’m not so sure!

World history is replete with examples of strong, bold, daring leaders, some very charismatic, who were able to lead large masses of followers down a rosy path, until past a point of no return, the results were horrific. And I fear we might be on such a path.

Leaders should have a moral compass that points in a direction that results in benefits for the entire country, not just the small circle of supporters of the leader. That a leader would be so crass as to publicly demonstrate his disdain for the lives of the people he is charged with protecting is totally irresponsible. Better that he would quarantine himself, lock himself in a small room, throw away his phone, and do nothing, than to publicly demonstrate over and over how ineffective, how incompetent he is for the position he holds.

A leader should lead by what he/she does, not by what is tweeted. If we followed our current leader’s example, we might reach 300,000 dead by the first of the year, which raises a chilling thought. What if that’s the end game? Culling the herd, pruning the suckers, weeding the weak, survival of the fittest, and all that. Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

Heaven and voters forbid! Please!

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