New Beginnings


It seems such a cliche to talk about starting all over, but driving through the Yukon on our way to Alaska, the foremost thing on my mind aside from the surrounding beauty was that we were on a road to a new life.  An extremely wide variety of circumstances had led us to this road, but the fact that our loaded vehicle and rented trailer contained all the belongings we owned was testament to leaving our former life behind and beginning anew.

There is a certain liberation to selling, giving away, or throwing away “stuff.”  I am always amazed at how much “stuff” we are able to accumulate in a very short period of time.  Of course it’s all been necessary to accumulate, but truly the best part of collecting is the immense freedom that getting rid of it all brings.  I promise myself that in this new lifetime, I will be more cautious about gathering “stuff,” however, I know deep down that I’ll soon forget and even in new beginnings, old habits will surface.

But in any case, I will with renewed effort remain unattached from the stuff that I bring into our new home.  Easy come, easy go.  And with that effort I will continually enjoy the freedom that this new beginning is giving me.

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